Spinervals Virtual Reality Series On the Road Autumn Country Training Ride – Region 0 worldwide by Troy Jacobson

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Rides so realistic you’ll get bugs in your teeth! Enjoy beautiful autumn scenery during this challenging 50-minute workout. Join Coach Troy for a challenging 50 minute (17 mile) workout on open rural roads in northern Baltimore County, Maryland. Video taped during the fall months, you’ll enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery and the explosive colors of changing leaves. In the ON THE ROAD series, you’ll ‘ride’ with Coach Troy on the road in different locations as he guides you through training sessions designed to make you a faster and stronger rider. In a ‘Virtual Reality’ format, you’ll feel as if you’re actually riding on the road on Troy’s wheel as you see the scenery whisk by. Boredom will never again be a factor when it comes to indoor bike training! This ride will take you through a variety of heart rate zones as the terrain is rolling and challenging. The focus for this workout is primarily upper blue zone (aerobic) training and you’ll soon discover it’ll go by really fast for an enjoyable and effective 50 minute training session. Compatible with all stationary bikes ?Has a ‘music on/music off’ option allowing you to listen to your own music?DVD only?Length: 50 minutes?Difficulty level: 8.7Instructor’s name: Troy Jacobson Type of Workout: Aerobics Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced Equipment Needed: Stationary Bike Total Running Time: 50 Minutes Release Date: 2006 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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