WISEUP Mini 3D Virtual Reality Video Camera HD Double Lens DV Camcorder for Android Smartphone with 110 Degree Wide Viewing Angle

Easy installation, create your own impressive 3D video, 2560×720 video resolution, MP4 video format, 20min video file length.
Relive all your precious memories in 3D, plug the VR camera into your phone and start shooting right away.
110 degree wide viewing angle, 2 lens work the same way how your eyes work.

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ZEISS VR ONE Virtual Reality Glasses without Tray

Glasses compatible Specially designed, the Zeiss VR ONE can be used with eyeglasses, so virtual reality can be enjoyed be even more people in total comfort.
There is also a host of applications and games in development. There is no lag between moving your head and moving the picture as the latency is excellent indeed at practically zero, or near enough so the difference is virtually imperceptible.
The large eyebox of ZEISS VR ONE is suitable for the interpupillary distance (PD) of more than 90 percent of population. This means that there is no need to set the lenses to the user’s PD before use, therefore enhancing the user-friendliness of the device.

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